Shaanxi Synchronization Law Firm was established in 1994. It is a comprehensive partnership law firm approved by the Shaanxi Provincial Judicial Department. There are more than 30 full-time lawyers and lawyer assistants.

Synchronized law firms are mainly composed of full-time lawyers with law graduate degree or above. Their business scope covers finance, insurance, construction real estate, investment, enterprise merger, bankruptcy reorganization, criminal defense and other fields. Since its establishment in 1994, law firms have represented more than 10,000 civil and commercial cases, economic cases, criminal defense cases, administrative cases and commercial arbitration cases, including a considerable number of major cases and important cases with significant influence in the local and even in the whole country, involving hundreds of millions of yuan. Successfully avoided and recovered huge economic losses for the entrusted units and individuals, effectively safeguarded and guaranteed the legitimate rights and interests of the entrusted units and individuals, and made due contributions to the construction of a socialist market economic system and a harmonious society.

Synchronized law firms also provide non-litigation legal services to various economic organizations and the public. Some achievements have been made in loan guarantee, transfer and transfer of land use right, construction real estate, property right transaction, bills, insurance, investment, enterprise merger, bankruptcy liquidation and other fields, which have won unanimous praise from the parties and all sectors of society.

In recent years, the firms have been making progress and making great efforts to reform, actively conforming to the trend of social development, constantly adjusting the direction of professional development, focusing on the development of non-litigation legal business, and gradually formed a business development system focusing on non-litigation business, such as financial insurance, investment and financing, construction real estate, corporate governance, enterprise merger, bankruptcy liquidation, enterprise restructuring and listing, and obtained orders. Attractive achievements.

In accordance with the requirements of specialization, specialization, standardization and standardization, law firms should build professional teams, implement corporate management and operation, give full play to the advantages of team cooperation, constantly improve the quality of service and service level, and expand and strengthen law firms.

All colleagues of Synchronized Law Firms wholeheartedly provide high-quality and efficient legal services for enterprises, institutions, government organs and associations, as well as other economic organizations and individuals, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of clients, and promote economic development and social progress.

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