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Release Date:2019-02-19    Source:admin
Synchronous law firms mainly provide the following labor legal services:
    1. Signing the labor contract: formulating, modifying and perfecting the labor contract format text according to the actual situation; participating in the negotiation, negotiation and signing of the labor contract; providing legal advice for the change, termination, termination and renewal of the labor contract. Negotiate and resolve labor contract disputes.
    2. Collective contracts: formulate, revise, and improve collective contracts; participate in collective contract negotiations, negotiation, signing, and filing; participate in dispute resolution of collective contracts.
    3. Rules and regulations: Formulate, revise and improve labor rules and regulations; establish legal procedures for the formulation and publicity of rules and regulations.
    4. Daily counseling services for labor legal affairs: answering the advice of employers or laborers on labor laws, providing legal advice; issuing legal opinions on special legal affairs; providing timely updates of laws and regulations, and adjusting customer's labor contracts according to legal changes And rules and regulations.
    5. Participate in negotiations, consultations, arguments and legal analysis: conduct legal arguments, propose solutions, issue lawyers' opinions, issue lawyer opinions, or participate in non-litigation negotiations, coordination, mediation on disputes that customers have, face or may have; The client requests or entrusts, accepts, delivers, and signs relevant legal documents; at the request of the client, provides legal advice on terminating or dismissing employee labor contracts or labor relations, avoiding administrative approval, licensing, reconsideration, and litigation of labor disputes; Administrative examination and approval, licensing projects, such as comprehensive calculation of working hours, irregular working hours approval, labor dispatch agency approval, labor intermediary structure approval, etc.; for administrative approval, licensing, punishment, etc., on behalf of customers to submit and participate in administrative reconsideration, litigation; on behalf of customers Handling investigations by labor inspection and social security centers; representing customers in the identification of work injuries and reconsideration and administrative litigation against work injury identification.
   6. Training services: provide labor law knowledge and operation practice training for senior management personnel and human resources departments of employers; provide labor law knowledge training for employees of employers; provide legal theory and practice for labor-management negotiation of collective negotiation of employers Training.
   7. Labor dispute settlement service: Provide legal advice to customers on the performance of labor contracts at any time to avoid disputes; negotiate and mediate on behalf of employers and employees to resolve labor disputes; represent employers or laborers in arbitration of labor disputes , litigation, enforcement and other activities.
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