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    Wu Hong, male, Han nationality, master of law, senior economist, partner of Shaanxi Synchronous Law Firm, chief lawyer.
    Mr. Wu Hong has been engaged in corporate management and legal advisory work in large state-owned enterprise groups. He obtained his qualification as a lawyer in 1994 and has practiced in Shaanxi Hengji Law Firm, Shaanxi Jianneng Law Firm and Shaanxi Synchronous Law Firm. Mr. Yan has more than 10 years of experience in economics and law practice. He holds dual master's degrees in Chinese and law, and is dually qualified as a lawyer and corporate legal counsel. He has served as a legal advisor to a number of financial institutions and large enterprise groups, and has handled a large number of civil economic, administrative, criminal and non-litigation businesses, recovering huge economic losses for the parties, and successfully developing, transferring and financing multiple real estate projects. It has provided legal services for financing and equity transfer of technology projects, and has been well received by clients and the community. Adhering to the practice concept of “trusted by people, loyal people”, we endeavor to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the client; follow the “self-study concept of “good morality, tolerance and greatness”, dedicated to expert lawyers Exploration and development have achieved remarkable results in many fields, especially in financial real estate, corporate restructuring and listing.
    Law field where Mr. Wu is good at:Corporate restructuring and restructuring, acquisitions and mergers; finance, investment and financing business; construction real estate business; bankruptcy management, corporate custody; corporate IPO.
    Practice certificate number:16101199610857117
    contact number:029—87616781  
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