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Li Guangzhen, a dual degree in mine mechanical and electrical integration and legal major, lecturer title. Lawyer and senior partner of Shaanxi Synchronous Law Firm.
Li Guangzhen has worked in education and management in professional colleges and large state-owned enterprises. He has rich practical experience in corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing, mining rights, and real estate law. He has served as a perennial legal consultant in several large real estate companies, presided over and participated in many corporate restructuring and corporate mergers and acquisitions cases, and was highly praised by the client. These include: Xi'an Micro-motor Factory restructuring consultant, Xi'an electric fan factory (now woolen city) restructuring consultant, Western car city purchase and consultant, Xi'an International Trust and Investment Co., Ltd. purchase consultant, Xi'an tea market auction legal counsel, Shaanxi Commercial Building Auction Legal counsel, Beijing Xujing Group Corporation M&A Consultant, Shaanxi Baijia Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. M&A Consultant, Yangling Guangming Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. M&A Consultant, Xi'an Chengyu Technology Co., Ltd. and Legal Adviser.
Li Guangzhen's lawyers pursue the concept of "sincere trust, loyalty", and are good at handling problems through legal and technical coordination, balancing the interests of all parties, and are quite unique in the representation of difficult cases. Since he started his career, he has been involved in hundreds of cases and is deeply trusted by the parties.
The legal field that Li Guangzhen is good at: real estate development, corporate mergers and acquisitions, civil and commercial case agency, corporate legal counsel.
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