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Criminal business

Release Date:2019-02-19    Source:admin

    The Criminal Business Department of the Institute mainly provides legal services for the parties at all stages of the criminal case, acts as a defender and agent for various criminal offences stipulated in China's criminal law, and safeguards the legitimate interests of the client.
    1、Legal assistance during the investigation phase, providing legal advice, proxy appeals, and accusations to the parties, and meeting suspects in custody;
    2、Review the defense at the prosecution stage, go to the procuratorate to inspect the case file, meet with the suspect in custody or communicate with the suspect, and submit a defense opinion to the procuratorate;
    3、Defence at the trial stage, reviewing the case materials, meeting the accused, investigating and collecting evidence, formulating a defense strategy, proposing defense opinions, and defending in court;
    4、Accept criminal criminal incidents, investigate and collect evidence, produce case materials, and participate in trials to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the client;
    5、An agent in a criminal private prosecution case. Analyze the case, investigate and collect evidence, formulate litigation plans, produce case materials, participate in court trials, conduct court debates, etc.
    6、Acting as an agent of the victim of a criminal case to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the victim.

    7、Other criminal business.

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