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Release Date:2019-02-19    Source:admin

    Our financial and legal affairs involve all types of business of banks and non-bank financial institutions. Can be a central bank, various commercial banks, policy banks, cooperative banks, joint-stock banks, foreign banks, trust and investment companies, asset management companies, securities companies, insurance companies, fund companies, futures companies, guarantee companies, leasing companies and others. Provide professional legal services for various financial businesses of related financial entities. The main business includes but is not limited to:

  •     1. Establish legal services for banks and non-bank financial institutions, including legal market due diligence before establishment, establishment of programs, feasibility reports, drafting and revision of joint establishment agreements, and related legal opinions. Assist in the registration and approval procedures;
        2. Foreign banks participate in shares. Including negotiations, signing intentional agreements, reaching equity transfer agreements or capital increase and share expansion agreements, participating in registration changes and approvals.
        3. Export credit to assist export enterprises to obtain credit support;
        4. Cooperation between Chinese and foreign financial projects;
        5. Asset management and operations. Issue legal opinions for the management and operation of financial assets to assist in providing management advice and advice;
        6. Investment loan business, providing full legal services for loans and investment projects, including pre-project due diligence, project review, project operation, project financing, legal document drafting, legal consultation, etc.;
        7. Trust business. Assist in the design of trust products, raise trust funds, and coordinate the handling of trust legal relationships.
        8. Acting as a manager to provide risk disposal and bankruptcy liquidation legal services for various financial institutions
        9. Risk disposal, market exit and liquidation of banks and non-bank financial institutions;
        10. Letter of credit business, commercial paper business, policy loan business, financial leasing business, etc.;
        11. Insurance business.

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