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Release Date:2019-02-19    Source:admin
    The firm has set up a real estate business department, which is mainly responsible for providing real estate legal services, providing relevant legal services to clients in a series of businesses including real estate project approval, approval, development, sales, property management, project co-construction, cooperation, and transfer. The main contents include:
    1. Real estate company formation. Assist the client to draft the company's creation documents, including the cooperation contract, the company's articles of association and other relevant documents established by the company, and may charge the company registration and qualification verification;
    2. Transfer and transfer of land use rights. Assist the client in handling land transfer and transfer procedures, drafting and reviewing land transfer or transfer contracts, etc.;
    3. Demolition and resettlement. Assist the client to formulate the demolition policy, determine the demolition plan, handle the demolition dispute, draft and review the entrusted demolition agreement, demolition and resettlement notice, demolition and resettlement agreement, etc.   
    4. Real estate project approval and approval. Formulate project feasibility study report, cooperative development plan, etc., assist the client to handle real estate project approval and other various government approval procedures;   
    5 construction. Engineering construction. Assist the parties in preparing project bidding documents, drafting and reviewing construction project contracting contracts, raw materials, equipment procurement contracts, supervision contracts, etc., and assisting in supervising the performance of engineering and procurement contracts;
    6. Real estate sales and leasing. Assist the client to develop sales and leasing plans, select agents, advertisers, etc. Drafting, reviewing pre-sale contracts, sales contracts, lease agreements, agency sales agreements, advertising production release agreements and other relevant documents. Provide lawyer witness to the signing act. Acting for pre-sale, lease registration, property transfer and other procedures;
    7. Real estate mortgage financing, mortgage guarantee. Advising the client and relevant institutions on the legal feasibility of the land use right or construction in progress or real estate mortgage financing and the qualification of the mortgage applicant; drafting the audit financing loan contract, mortgage guarantee contract and other relevant documents; And the mortgage cancellation procedures and the collateral disposal procedures at the time of the realization of the mortgage;
    8. Property management. Assist the client to form or hire a property management company. Assist the client or the property company to organize the owners' meeting, establish the owners' committee, construct the legal relationship between the property management organization and the owner and its agents, draft and review the property management convention, property management rules and regulations and other legal documents;   
    9. Real estate disputes. The agent trusts all kinds of construction real estate disputes such as construction engineering survey and design contracts, construction contracts, supervision contracts, housing sales contracts, house lease contracts, mortgage guarantee contracts.
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