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Release Date:2019-02-19    Source:admin
    The legal department of the company mainly provides clients with full legal services related to the company's business, including company establishment, company equity change, major commercial activities, tax legal affairs, labor and legal affairs, bankruptcy liquidation, acquisition, business combination and sale, and shareholding system reform. , divestiture and restructuring of assets, stocks, funds, bonds issued and listed, etc., including:
    1. Acting as a perennial legal consultant for all types of companies, providing legal services for the daily operation of the company.
    2. The company has established relevant legal affairs, including consulting, planning, drafting legal documents, and setting up registration for the establishment, registration, registration and operation of the company, its branches and enterprise groups;
    3. The establishment of a company limited by shares, the raising of shares and the issuance of legal affairs, drafting and reviewing the articles of association, agreements and related legal documents, acting for capital verification and industrial and commercial registration;
    4. Providing legal services for the transfer and transfer of the company's equity, the company's merger and division, and the company's joint venture and cooperation;
    5. Provide legal consultation and program planning for the company's shareholding structure, corporate governance structure and enterprise integration; assist the company to establish and improve the main management system, and achieve legal governance and standardized management.
    6. Provide legal support for company asset restructuring, shareholding system reform, stock listing, bond issuance and listing, corporate financing, etc., and issue legal opinions and planning plans;
    7. Participate in the consultation, argumentation, planning and negotiation of the company's major commercial activities and provide legal advice;
    8. Legal consultation and planning of corporate tax legal affairs;
    9. Standardize and improve the company's labor contract, and coordinate and handle labor disputes;
    10. Consultation planning and plan formulation for bankruptcy liquidation of the company, and participate in liquidation, bankruptcy and agency business cancellation procedures;
    11. Participate in the issuance and listing of securities, stock funds, bonds and other derivatives and their derivatives, and provide relevant legal services.
    12. Acting for securities transactions, property rights transactions, foreign exchange transactions, futures trading, and options trading in the legal market;