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Synchronized Law Firm Organization Culture and System Training

Release Date:2019-02-19    Source:admin
     On the afternoon of March 15, 2013, all the lawyers and staff of the organization organized training. The main content of the study was the system and culture of the law firm, and the requirements for strengthening the management of documents and files.
     At the meeting, Mr. Qi Hong explained to everyone the core cultural concept of the simultaneous law firm, explained in detail the meaning of the icon of the firm, and required all lawyers to apply according to the standards in the future practice.
     Secondly, Mr. Yan Hong also raised the problems that were often encountered in the past in the use of logos and the production of documents. He asked everyone to refer to the official administrative procedures of the state administrative organs, the court litigation documents, and the model format of the firm, and to unify the file layout and font size.
     Finally, Director Li Guangzhen summed up the training content and conducted professional ethics education to all lawyers to encourage everyone to constantly improve themselves and enhance self-discipline.