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Litigation and arbitration

Release Date:2019-02-19    Source:admin
   The Litigation and Arbitration Department of the Firm provides relevant legal services to clients in various types of domestic litigation, arbitration and mediation of foreign litigation, arbitration and disputes, including:
   1.Accept the entrustment of the parties in civil and economic cases, act as agents, and participate in litigation;
   2.Accept the entrustment of the parties to the administrative case, act as an agent, and participate in the lawsuit;
   3.Accept the entrustment of the parties to the labor case and participate in the arbitration and litigation of the labor dispute case as an agent;
   4.Accepting the entrustment of the parties to the personnel dispute case and acting as an agent to participate in the arbitration of the personnel dispute;
   5.Accepting the employment of suspects in criminal cases or their families, providing legal advice, prosecuting complaints, accusing, and applying for bail pending trial;
   6.Accepting the commission of the criminal suspect, the defendant or their family members, serving as the defender, accepting the private prosecution case, the public defendant case or the close relatives, acting as the agent and participating in the lawsuit;
    7.Accept the entrustment of the parties to the business, participate in mediation, and represent the arbitration activities;
    8.Acting for all kinds of lawsuits; acting for the execution of appeals and arbitration cases;